Claire S., Orlando, FL

Dear Wade;
As a fan and friend for over 40 years, my praise will always appear to be somewhat biased (and I am sure it is), but I love to say "I TOLD YOU SO", as jaws drop when they hear your golden voice. You were blessed with a voice that could sing Elvis' songs like no one else and apparently even Elvis agreed when he gave you a standing ovation. "Elvis" impersonators have given true talent a bad name because you are SO MUCH MORE! You are an entertainer with a huge vocal range that sings the LEGENDS of Gene Pitney and Roy Orbison, Frankie Valli and many more and an artist who has written and produced his own wonderful music and CD's and most recently added to your credits, Wade Cummins has authored the movie "The Identical" starring Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd and Seth Green. I wish everyone would take the opportunity to see and hear you perform, because to do so, is to BELIEVE. What I hear more often than anything is "He is the REAL DEAL!” That you are Wade Cummins!

With love,


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